FCSI The Americas Experts Network launches: an interview with Stacy Berry

Stacy Berry, director of marketing & communications for FCSI The Americas Division, speaks to Michael Jones about the many benefits of FCSI The Americas’ Experts Network, which launched in September 2017


Why has FCSI The Americas launched this initiative now? What are you hoping to achieve with the network? 

One of FCSI The Americas’ goals for 2017 was to market our consultants and also to provide tools to our consultants to market themselves. The Experts Network is just another way to do this. We are hoping this network will serve as a resource to those who need an expert in the foodservice and hospitality industry. We know FCSI Consultants are the best in their field and want to make sure that their knowledge is used to its full potential in the market.

Who is the network aimed at specifically? How will it help them?

This network is aimed at anyone who needs an independent foodservice consultant to comment, write, or speak as an expert. This could include, but not limited to, the media, other associations, educators, architects, operators, dealers, and manufacturers. All of our consultants have specific experience that gives them a unique view on the foodservice industry. Their professionalism and experience will give the end user the best information in the market.

What are the different ways industry professionals can use the network?

The possible ways to use this network are

  • Quotes for blogs, news articles, books, etc.
  • Articles for publication
  • Presentations
  • Webinars
  • And anything else you would need the expertise of a foodservice consultant for
  • Our network makes it really easy to find consultants for the end user. You can search by location (city, state, and/or country), areas of expertise, and market segments.

What is the benefit of the network to FCSI professional members? 

This network is yet another way that FCSI The Americas promotes its members. This is an opportunity for our consultants to comment, write, or speak about the industry they are so passionate about. We hope that the connections made through the FCSI The Americas Experts Network will create long-term value for our consultant members.

How will you be promoting the network?

We launched the network a few weeks ago with a press release, email to our members, and social media. The network is hosted on our webpage, which you can find here. We plan to continue promotion, not only digitally, but also in person at the many trade shows we attend every year and our 2018 Denver Conference in April.

What other initiatives do you plan to launch later this year?

Through the end of 2017, we plan to continue to launch our Serving Up Solutions videos each month. We have some great videos in the lineup for the rest of the year including Kris Morphis on Technology’s Impact on Foodservice Design, Armand Iaia FCSI, on the Importance of Sanitation, and Kristin Sedej FCSI, on the Importance of Programming in a Project.

We are also continuing our Membership Drive through the end of the year. We are asking our members to recruit and refer qualified foodservice professionals to FCSI and by doing so they can win some great prizes.

Why has this been an exciting year for FCSI TA? 

FCSI TA has had a very exciting and busy 2017. We hit the ground running in February with our 2017 Symposium in Orlando, FL, before the NAFEM Show. The Symposium is also where we launched our Serving Up Solutions video series that we have been releasing one video a month featuring our consultants. Webinars by FCSI also launched this year, where we provided three webinars to our members. The webinars had a great response and also provided an opportunity for our consultants to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs). We have also participated in six trade shows throughout the Americas including two in Brazil and one in Mexico. Those are just the events at the division level. Our chapters have also hosted numerous meetings, educational opportunities and networking events throughout the year.

How is 2018 shaping up for FCSI TA? 

While continuing to promote our current initiatives, we are extremely excited to what 2018 is going to bring, especially our Denver Conference, April 19-21, 2018. The FCSI TA Conference Planning Committee and staff have been busy planning all of the education, networking and fun. Thursday we will kick off the conference with the Opening Party at the Pinnacle Club. Both Friday and Saturday will include a full day of education followed by evening events at our host hotel and Punch Bowl Social, respectively. In addition, we are offering complimentary professional head shots both Thursday and Friday of the conference. It is going to be an event that you won’t want to miss!

Michael Jones

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