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FCSI provides webinar content that is of interest to all members — consultants and allies. These webinars are approved for 1 CEU for professional members. FCSI-hosted webinars are updated regularly.

BizEssentials Webinar Series

The monthly BizEssentials Webinar Series focuses on the business of consulting. Topics include tips for connecting and presenting virtually, creating your own video presentations, writing for social media and websites. Presentations will also help consultants identify clients’ motivations so you can provide the best options for their needs.

ITR Economics: An Industry Forecast Update

It has never been more critical for company leaders and key decision makers to have a clear, impartial, and data-driven perspective on factors that will impact the economy moving forward. ITR Economics provided data that will help you determine the best course of action for you and your business.

High points of the webinar:

  • Outlook for the market segments most important to the foodservice industry
  • Leading indicators that signal cyclical turns in the economy and markets
  • An assessment of interest rate and other financial market trends

Advice for your business through the 2020s and ways to prepare for the challenges and opportunities
The webinar was presented by Alan Beaulieu, President and principal of ITR Economics. Alan has a reputation as an accurate, straightforward economist, and has been delivering award-winning workshops and economic analysis seminars across the world for the past 30 years. He is the co-author of Prosperity in the Age of Decline. This presentation is a follow up to the March 2020 “How to Handle Black Swans in the Economy” webinar.

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Managing Uncertainty in a Black Swan World

Health concerns, a dramatic decline into correction territory for the S&P 500, and declining oil and copper prices have combined to create a high level of uncertainty. This webinar, led by Alan Beaulieu, president and principal of ITR Economics, brings an objective, numbers-driven approach to bear on these trends. The event was hosted by FCSI The Americas, CFESA, FEDA, MAFSI and NAFEM.

FCSI members can view the webinar.
FCSI members can view the slides here.

Revit Roundtable Webinars

Discussions with some of the members of the FCSI The Americas Southeast Chapter reiterated just how important Revit is in the industry; there is vast knowledge that can be shared around this evolving software. The Southeast Chapter hosted a few webinars, generally around an hour long, to address topics and challenges related to Revit, ranging from worksharing to family building and combined parameters. Below are the webinars available, each of which qualifies for 1 CEU. Contact Penny to verify your attendance.

Revinar Episode 1
The first episode covered general information working to understand the audience so proper channels of discussion could be composed. This webinar is not your typical sit and listen type of situation; rather audience participation is highly encouraged and created the meat of the conversations diving into the topics of discussion. Poll questions for the audience in the first episode consisted of: “What level of experience do you consider yourself to be?”, “How long has your firm been using Revit to produce project documents?”, “Do your Revit process and procedures follow FCSI standards?”, and “Where do you pull your Revit content from?”
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Revinar Episode 2
This Revinar touched on worksharing, the central model file/local file, opening a dialogue box, the project browser and more.
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Revinar Episode 3
The December Revinar reviewed family building, including building an interface, best practices for a studio library, and properly positioning geometry within a family.
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Revinar Episode 4
The January Revinar reviewed the subjects covered in 2018 as the basis of continuing to develop beneficial Revit solutions for FCSI members one parameter at a time. Subjects included family building and interfacing, best practices for a studio library, properly positioning geometry within a family and more.
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Revinar Episode 5
This Revinar focused on combined parameters.
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The Latest in Refrigeration Regulations
CEUs: 1

You’ve heard the news: the U.S. government has given refrigerators, freezers, ice machines and walk-ins quite the cold shoulder over the past few years. What’s the latest and how does the ripple effect impact your clients’ future projects? Learn what’s going on, in laymen’s terms, during this refrigeration regulation webinar presented by Charlie Souhrada, CFSP, vice president, regulatory & technical affairs for the North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers (NAFEM).

About the Presenter
Charlie Souhrada, CFSP

Charlie Souhrada is Vice President, Regulatory & Technical Affairs for the North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers (NAFEM), a trade association of 550 foodservice equipment and supplies manufacturers providing products for food preparation, cooking, storage and table service. In this role, he is responsible for the association’s industry and government relations, market research and technical program development. He manages the subcommittee that developed and maintains the NAFEM Data Protocol, a set of standard rules and message formats that allow commercial kitchen equipment to communicate.

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