‘Trend Talk: All about Ghost Kitchens’ round two: working successfully after lockdown

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Rational’s new webinar looks at the challenges and opportunities the easing of lockdown brings

The next webinar in the ‘Trend Talk: all about ghost kitchens’ series, hosted by Rational, is live online on 15 April. This time, three speakers and host Michael Jones, editorial director of FCSI’s Foodservice Consultant magazine, will be focussing on the theme, ‘How to operate successfully’. Amongst other things, the panel will consider how the pandemic and lockdowns have changed the market – and what opportunities have been created.

First up is Andy Twells, founder of the AMT Client Catering Consultancy. He’ll be highlighting ghost kitchens as a success factor for corporate catering. He’ll argue that, even after the pandemic, people will continue working from home more often, and they will need to eat there. This is an opportunity for caterers to set up a ghost kitchen, offering food on a digital platform and delivering it directly to the home office, thus opening up a new business segment along the way.

What opportunities are available?

Stephan Leuschner is international key accounts director at Rational and he’ll also be presenting new approaches to the changing marketplace. Among other things, he will be talking about micro kitchens, that is, small kitchens offering the services of various brands directly into the neighbourhood, bringing them closer to the customer. He’ll show what opportunities are available, even in the smallest of spaces, to set up a successful ghost kitchen. He’ll also shed light on the synergies that can exist in the interaction between hotels and ghost kitchens.

The third presentation will be take attendees out of the kitchen and into the world of advertising. Uwe Lucas, managing and planning director at Hakuhodo International Germany, looks after successful brand development. He’ll discuss how to create and manage expectations when only a few marketing elements are available, such as the logo, tags and photos. His aim is to show how to create big appetites with limited resources.

Adam Knights, marketing director of Rational UK and Ireland says, “The first Trend Talk was extremely well supported by the industry – the ghost kitchen is clearly a subject that generates a lot of interest in the UK. We expect Round Two to be equally popular, so we’re looking forward to introducing these three experts, and seeing how they tackle these key topics.”

Further details:

For more information, and to register for the free webinar, visit www.rational-online.com/ghost-kitchen-talk. The site also hosts a video recording of the first Trend Talk session.

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