Wexiödisk – Continuing to raise the bar when it comes to hygiene and efficiency

Building on an impressive Scandinavian heritage, where quality and consistency go hand-in-hand with efficiency, Wexiödisk has consistently been at the forefront of innovation and development within the warewashing sector.

Now, in an announcement that is set to revolutionise the industry, Wexiödisk is proud to unveil the rollout of the award-winning, unique pre-rinse system to its impressive range of flight machines.

Designed to help the operator save significantly on water, energy, cleaning chemicals and man-hours the pre-rinse system reuses the warm, chemically enriched waste water from the adjacent chemical wash zones. Having originally launched as a standalone unit in the form of the WD-PRM6, winner of the FCSI’s Sustainable Product of the Year 2013, the system has now been developed to be included as an integral part of Wexiödisk’s impressive, fully customisable flight machine range.

Located at the beginning of the wash cycle, dirty dishes, crockery, cutlery, pans, and trays automatically pass into the pre-rinse zone where lose crumb and containment is removed. Using the waste water from the subsequent wash-zones and rinsed via high pressure pumps both above and below, the pre-rinse system prevents the contaminant being transported into the chemical wash zone. Not only does this help to maintain the water quality for a longer period but also works to improving final wash results and reduce the level of detergent and other chemicals required in the process.

Simon Frost, UK & Ireland Country Manager for Wexiödisk, explains why the new pre-rinse system, fitted to flight machines is an ideal investment for caterers looking for sustainable warewashing on a commercial scale:

“With a legacy built on the highest levels of sustainability and exceptional manufacturing quality, Wexiödisk has achieved significant recognition within the UK market over the past 18 months. Having originally developed the pre-rinse system as a standalone unit for the more compact hood-type machines, this new development, which will see the unique technology implemented into the range of flight machines, is set to transform commercial warewashing.

Fitted within the appliance, the system replaces the more traditional method of hand-shower rinsing, saving the operator substantial amounts of water, chemicals and man hours. What’s more, by implementing the pre-rinse system with its recirculating, double rinse technology, operators can achieve the same, consistent wash results throughout the life of the unit.”

The new pre-rinse system is fitted to all the Wexiödisk flight machines making it suitable for those looking for large scale warewashing. With standard models available in a range of sizes, plus an extremely large range of optional extras and customisable designs to suit individual business requirements, Wexiödisk is proud to have one of the most effective solutions to any establishment’s warewashing requirements.

For further information on the Wexiödisk pre-rinse system or any of the other models in the range, please visit www.wexiodiskuk.co.uk or call 0845 643 0421.

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