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Winterhalter adds super energy saving model to PT Series warewashers

Winterhalter’s PT Series is causing a sensation in the warewashing world, in terms of economy of energy use and brilliance of wash. Its energy-saving heat exchange technology, fitted as standard, extracts energy from the waste water, using it to heat up the incoming cold water supply, reducing energy costs by up to 10%. Not content to stop there, Winterhalter has introduced the PT Energy Plus, which further reduces operating costs by up to 20% per wash cycle.

The EnergyPlus is equipped with a large waste water and additional exhaust air heat exchanger. It uses the energy from the waste water and the steam for two-step heating of the incoming cold water supply. This not only reduces operating costs but, as the emission of steam is reduced by more than half, the warewash area is far less humid and additional extraction hoods may be unnecessary.

The combination of the EnergyPlus heat exchangers and the PT’s new rinse system further boosts economy. Compared with standard rack pass-through dishwashers, the overall operating costs are reduced by up to 32% while achieving outstanding wash results.

The VarioPower feature allows the operator to optimise the programme to suit the delicacy or dirtiness of the wash items by pushing the relevant pictogram on the control panel to select the required wash. VarioPower adjusts pressure, temperature, time, detergent and rinse aid to ensure perfect results are guaranteed, even with stubborn soiling.

Other features include the patented ‘full jet’ filtration system which, in conjunction with Winterhalter’s established Mediamat filter, constantly cleans the washwater to ensure it is clear of impurities. Meanwhile a clouding sensor in the wash chamber monitors the washwater, taking only as much replenishment water as is required. These sophisticated filtration and monitoring systems enhance the efficient discharge of food residues by up to 35%, compared to previous models, further minimising water consumption and delivering the best possible wash.

As with all Winterhalter machines, the PT EnergyPlus is extremely easy to use, whatever the operator’s first language: clear touch-activated pictograms allow unambiguous selection to set the machine in motion. Visual and audio alarms let staff know instantly if there are any problems, such as a blocked wash field or lack of detergent.

The PT EnergyPlus can be customised to a site’s specific requirements and local water properties. The installation engineer can adjust the machine to take account of everything from the type of food on the menu to the hardness of the water and calibrate the machine accordingly.

To see a graphic representation of how the heat exchangers work on the PT EnergyPlus visit

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