New book from Brazilian FCSI members hits the market

The book on design innovation in foodservice gathers together several decades of knowledge and experience of the two authors

Brazilian FCSI members Emmanuel Melo and Diris Petribu today (6 June 2023) launch their book 14 Ferramentas de Design para Inovação no Foodservice (In English, 14 Design Tools for Innovation in Food Service).

The authors, architect Petribu (below left) and designer Melo (below right), are the founding partnership behind Studioino, a Sao Paulo-based consultancy that specializes in design for foodservice companies.

Covering some of their most prominent works – 14 projects carried out for national and international clients – and the methods they used in the development of each of them. The book has received early praise from notable industry leaders.

“I carefully read the book and can do nothing but congratulate you on the tremendous work you have done. It’s a nice project and, like everything you guys do, very professional,” said  William Taunton FCSI, president of Gastrotec Design of Foodservice, Chile and former FCSI Worldwide President.

At the time of launching the business they became interested in the philosophy of Design Thinking and they started to develop ways to apply the philosophy to their projects

Melo says that the purpose of the publication is to offer ideas that the reader can use to solve problems in their businesses. “The book is like a ‘toolbox’, the reader can refer to it whenever they find themselves in front of a blank page without knowing how to proceed,” he says. “We talk about some of the ideas that helped us create solutions for our clients and now we hope to be able to help others do the same.”

The book intends to be a very realistic guide of what can be accomplished in situations where the project does not have a lot of financial resources, execution time is short or other impediment is presented.

Melo is part of the planning committee for FCSI’s first Latin American Summit, which will take place in Panama City, Panama, September 14 – 16, 2023. He will be among the event’s speakers, presenting some of the cases detailed in the book and discussing design tools and methodologies applied to food service projects.

For more information about 14 Design Tools for Innovation in Foodservice click here

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