Edlund ARC XL slicer from metcalf

A new XL slicer from Metcalfe to help with big beefsteak tomatoes and extra large onions

Edlund’s new ARC! XL stainless steel manual slicer takes on the big guys that other slicers are afraid of. We mean the big beefsteak tomatoes and the colossal onions that are just too big or too hard to slice in other machines. And like the original ARC! It will slice those onions and tomatoes perfectly, as well as many other hard and soft products, in the same machine. Need to cut heads of lettuce? No problem. The ARC! XL’s hopper is large enough to do a great job on Iceberg and other lettuce products.

Plus, with its exclusive patent-pending design, you never have to place any product directly on the blades. The unique Pusher/Hopper allows safe and perfect positioning of the product to be sliced, as well as for loading smaller soft products for faster bulk slicing. And the oversize hopper even makes short work of slicing cooked chicken breasts. This is the revolutionary new slicer that takes on the big jobs, and provides even bigger results.



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