Dry Assist technology by Champion® Industries wins 2014 kitchen innovation award

Champion® Industries, manufacturer of a full line of premier commercial warewashing systems, is proud to introduce its newest award-winning innovation, Dry Assist. Dry Assist uses thermal technology to remove excess moisture quickly, which accelerates drying time and provides more energy savings. It is available on door type machines and the new UH330 undercounter high temperature dishwashing machine.

The most unique feature of Champion’s patent-pending Dry Assist technology is how it draws cool, dry air up and through the rack of sanitized ware, removing moisture and speeding the drying and turnaround time for dishes. The collected heat and moisture is then recycled back in to the rinse water or removed from the room. This reduces energy consumption and makes the Dry Assist system more cost-effective and faster than conventional warewashing machines.

The DH5000 VHR door type dishwasher with Ventless Heat Recovery (VHR) and Dry Assist technology will be displayed in the Kitchen Innovations Pavilion, booth #2440. Ventless Heat Recovery removes heat and water vapor at the end of the cycle and recirculates the normally exhausted heat back to the booster.

The DH5000 DV door type dishwasher with Direct Vent (DV) and Dry Assist technology will be on display in Champion Booth #5006.   The Direct Vent is an industry exclusive that allows the unit to vent directly to the outside, eliminating the need for a hood and removing steam and heat, not conditioned air.

“We are honoured to be named one of this year’s National Restaurant Association Kitchen Innovation Award winners,” said Joe Deckelman, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Champion Industries. “Champion’s new Dry Assist technology is a major advance in energy efficient and sustainable dishwashing for commercial kitchens. This recognition from the National Restaurant Association acknowledges Champion’s commitment to provide foodservice operators with simple, cost-effective, energy saving and performance enhancing warewashing solutions.”

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