Angelo Po: energy saving, user-friendly products

Angelo Po, now part of Marmon Food, Beverage & Water Technologies, is focused on delivering the best solutions for the professional catering sector

Founded in 1922, Angelo Po draws on the experience gained during its many years on the international market to deliver the best solutions for the professional catering sector. With about 65% of its sales generated by exports and branches in China, Spain, France and the United States, the company supplies, not only top-level restaurant equipment, but also turnkey integrated systems for institutional catering, consultants and large hotel chains.

“We have a specific in-house team with decades of experience, capable of analysing needs and quickly offering even highly customised solutions, delivering the technical and regulatory backup so vital to contractors and consultants,” adds sales and marketing manager Adriano Fabris, who joined Angelo Po after lengthy experience with other brands in the industry.

“For the near future, we are planning to further reinforce our presence abroad, in areas such as the United Arab Emirates, which in the coming years are going to be fulcrum of major events, first and foremost Expo 2020, themed around sustainable development,” says Fabris.

User-friendly, intuitive appliances

Sustainability has always been a guiding principle for Angelo Po, helping it to develop products that stand out on the market for their strong focus on existing and upcoming environmental regulations, with the aim of optimising consumption and energy saving.

So its products provide ever-increasing sustainability – but that is not all. The company is currently concentrating on user-friendly, intuitive appliances able to respond to users’ real needs. Hence the drive to create new food-processing concepts, in association with the fast-growing international chains, also prioritising food cost and food safety.

In 2016 Angelo Po was acquired by Marmon Food, Beverage & Water Technologies, a company owned by Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. holding company, based in the US. The Angelo Po and Marmon businesses are extremely complementary in terms of both geographical coverage and offering. The acquisition therefore creates major technological, industrial and commercial synergies, which will support swift, large-scale expansion at the global level.

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