Long time experience in distinguished Kitchen Equipmentmanufacturing Companies, and later moved to become Hospitality and Foodservice Consultant for thedesign of demanding heavy-duty kitchens. Furthermore he is Consultant for restaurant and pastrychains.Expert in identifying appropriate solutions: from preparationkitchens to Hotels, from Hospitals to Gourmet Restaurants,from Fast Foods to Preparation Kitchens.Ultimately gives assistance and coordinates clients relationsconcerning Licences, Health Dept., Fire Dept., MEP,Technicians, organization of Maintenance e After-sales, as wellas certifications such as assistance in: ISO 9001, ISO 22000(HACCP), UL e NSF.Gordon has conducted International seminars for GovernmentEngineers in the Middle East aimed to further the knowledge of quality foodservice facilities andillustrating the advantage of distinguished fabricationstandards.


  • EAME


Gordon is Diplomated in Hotel and Catering Management at IPAS Lerici, Italy.Certified with REC Food & Beverage qualification from Chamberof Commerce in La Spezia and Varese, Italy. Former RestaurantChef and Director of Italian restaurants and Teacher at HotelCatering School in Laveno, Italy.

Market Segments

  • Armed Forces
  • Branded Concepts
  • Business and Industry/Food Services
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Family Restaurants
  • Fine Dining
  • Government Services
  • Hotels/Motels
  • Resorts
  • Retail
  • Sports Arenas

Area Of Expertise

  • Concept Development
  • Contract Management
  • Distribution & Procurement
  • Kitchen Design
  • Laundry Design
  • Marketing & Promotion

Food Facility Design

  • Yes

Management Advisory Services

  • Yes

Membership Grade

  • Professional


  • Consultant


  • GDP Kitchen Design Consultants

Profile Title

  • Managing Director



Via Caccialepori 17, 20100, Milan, Italy