Winterhalter’s total warewash solution for schools

Winterhalter has launched its total warewash solution for schools

There’s more to planning a school warewash system than picking the machine – such as working out how to get the dirties to the wash area, and then get them back to the service area when they’re clean. It’s about creating a system, not just buying a box.

That’s why Winterhalter has launched its total warewash solution for schools. Winterhalter has the expertise to create the system that will work, from the machines, racks and tabling to the chemicals and after sales support.

Many schools will use a pass-through machine, such as the Winterhalter GS500 Series, which can process a high volume in a short space of time. With the Schools Warewash System, Winterhalter will help specify the appropriate racks for the machine, so that it can handle whatever tableware the school is using, integral trays or crockery, plastic or china, and deliver perfect results. Being simple to operate, with clear graphics and self-diagnostics, GS500 models take the stress out of warewashing for staff.

Once the machine is specified, Winterhalter can help design and build the tabling and inflow and outflow areas, to ensure that the system is ergonomic and that staff can move around easily to complete their work.

Getting hygienic cleaning requires the right chemicals. Winterhalter has developed a range that is specifically designed to complement its machines, so that, whatever the local water conditions, perfect results are achievable.

Winterhalter’s service division offers a variety of maintenance programmes for schools, covering all types and most brands of warewasher. With a nationwide network of engineers, operating from vans carrying thousands of stock parts, the division offers a ‘first time fix’ rate of over 90%. Being part of the SAFEcontractor scheme, Winterhalter Service offers schools the highest standards of professionalism, health and safety.

“Our total solution for schools recognises that, in an ideal world, warewashers are the ‘fit and forget’ part of the catering operation,” says Paul Crowley, marketing manager of Winterhalter. “The appropriate machine combined with an ergonomically designed wash area, tailored chemicals and quality service will deliver not only the best cleaning results but also the longest, most reliable service life.”

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