Washing up on the double

Valera’s heavy duty Fagor AD45 dishwasher promises double-quick results

Handling up to 540 plates per hour, Valera’s heavy duty Fagor AD45 dishwasher promises double-quick results with its double rotating wash and rinse systems above and below the basket.

The front-loading AD45 can be set up on site to run on either a 13 amp single phase, a 20 amp single phase or three phase 415v option for maximum flexibility. All models in the range benefit from an array of features that includes: a double-skinned, insulated 25-litre tank to reduce both noise and heat loss; an anti return protection system to avoid waste water returning to the tank; and an electronic control panel with digital temperature readouts. The thermostatic temperature control ensures that the wash cycle reaches 60 degrees, and the rinse cycle 90 degrees for optimum hygiene.

Rinse aid and detergent dosers are included as standard, and models also feature a self-diagnostic system that highlights errors and malfunctions for quick and easy maintenance.  When it comes to cleaning, the non-metallic wash arms are easy to remove, while the rounded corners of the tank make it simple to wipe down.

For further details of the Fagor AD45 front loading dishwasher contact Valera Ltd on 0845 270 4321 or visit www.valera.co.uk

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