Vollrath® Stoelting® Series Mini Soft Serve Countertop Freezer

Vollrath delivers a soft serve solution for small retailers

A mini soft serve unit could be just the right appliance for retailers with limited space. A new countertop freezer has been developed for use in small restaurants, delis, bakeries, food trucks and convenience stores. The new Vollrath® Stoelting® Series Mini Soft Serve Countertop Freezer dispenses frozen treats in individual servings, and it can accommodate ice milk, ice cream, yogurt and frozen dietary dessert mixes. The unit itself looks like it would be an ideal consumer retail item, but its small size has be specifically designed to provide a commercial grade frozen treat dispenser with a small footprint. Retailers who may have assumed they could not accommodate soft serve freezer will now find a new sales venue using this unit from Vollrath®.

This freezer is lightweight, portable and easily disassembled for cleaning. The product is safely stored in the unit when it is not in use — eliminating the need to empty the machine each night. Using dry or liquid mixes the horizontal auger gently folds product over a freezer plate for a creamy product. Another benefit is a seal-less drive shaft that eliminates preventative maintenance. The unit features a keypad and screen that indicates when the product is ready to be served, adjusts the temperature setting, and counts the number of 2.5 ounce servings dispensed. This compact freezer offers an auto defrost feature in which the user has the ability to set the times for the machine to defrost and then start-up again the following day.


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