Veissmann powder-coated SmartProtec

New powder coating SmartProtec improves hygiene of cold rooms


New powder coating SmartProtec® improves hygiene of cold room

Viessmann is the only manufacturer of modular cold rooms to offer antimicrobiotic powder coating.

Viessmann is strengthening its cold room hygiene package with the development of a new powder coating for all surfaces of elements both exterior and interior walls, floors and ceilings. The antimicrobial coating – now available as standard on Viessmann’s TECTO Standard and TECTO Special cold room ranges – ensures the hygienic protective coating on Viessmann products is maintained for longer.

Viessmann’s SmartProtec® demonstrated advanced performance in product testing, combatting 20 per cent more microbial strains than the company’s previous coating, SilverProtec, which contained antibacterial properties alone.

SmartProtec® powder protection remains within the coating to better influence, for the lifetime of the cold room, the environment and improve the hygienic properties of product surfaces.

Jim Whelan, director of international business at Viessmann Refrigeration said, “Viessmann is well known as a technology leader in high end, bespoke and uniquely designed cold rooms and stores. The new SmartProtec® powder coating is the result of ongoing research and development to improve the hygiene qualities of our products by the R&D team in Germany.”

“SmartProtec® powder coating is just one element of the hygiene package Viessmann offers and goes hand in hand with cleverly designed rounded corners and no gaps between panels for ease of cleaning. It’s good news to be able to extend the protective life of our products.”

About Viessmann Refrigeration

Viessmann Refrigeration is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of innovative refrigeration solutions, including remote and plug-in refrigeration cabinets, lamella products, power packs, cold rooms, refrigeration cells and units as well as accessories and services for pre- and post-installation. It has production plants in Germany and Finland. Local sales organisations offer customers expert consultation and a comprehensive range of refrigeration technology products and services.

Viessmann Refrigeration is a division of the Viessmann Group, one of the leading international manufacturers of heating, cooling and climate control technology. Founded in 1917, the family business maintains a staff of approximately 11,400 employees and generates 2.1 billion Euro in annual group turnover. The Group has 27 production divisions in 11 countries and subsidiaries and representations in 74 countries and 120 sales offices around the world. /

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