TOURNUS launches shelving on US market

TOURNUS Equipement has introduced an innovative shelving on the US market

TOURNUS has manufactured catering equipment since 1910 which has led to the company becoming the European leader in stainless steel professional equipment.

TOURNUS’ modular shelving system was the first to be introduced with removable and washable shelves 25 years ago. This system was primarily NSFcertified in 1985, and has been an industry standard in Europe ever since.

The shelving system is comprised of easy-to-assemble shelves and uprights available in various sizes for a customized fit in any commercial kitchen, catering venue, or retail establishment. Add-on units are available for creating systems that follow corners.

The rust-free shelves (made of anodized aluminum and stainless steel fasteners) and the food-grade plastic composite shelves can withstand temperatures between -22°F to 194°F, making them su itable to a wide range of environments. The plastic shelves are produced in convenient sizes for easy washing in a sink or in both hood and conveyor dishwashers. Easy cleaning and flexibility adds yet another hygienic advantage for the end-user.

Since TOURNUS’ shelves are easily removable, this makes it great to fit a standard sized hotel pan anywhere on the shelving. Accurate labeling is made easy with a writing space on the edge of the shelves where white board erasable markers can be used to note the contents of the shelf or an important date.

Thanks to the strong clip-on system, one person can assemble a 200-inch shelving kit in 6 minutes without any tools. To view a video of the assembly:http://youtube/JKP7ibCmwE4

There are varying heights, lengths and widths available to fit any storage configuration. Shelving is also entirely recyclable.

The company is a proud member of the FCSI of France.

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