The powerful and consistent AccuSteam™ Griddle

At breakfast – or any part of the day – it provides consistent cooking temperature across the entire surface

Efficiency is great…but when you find a piece of equipment that’s efficient, fast and powerful, it’s an unbeatable combination. The AccuSteam™ Griddle from AccuTemp fits that definition perfectly.

No other griddle can match the production, consistency, and even temperatures of the AccuSteam™ Griddle. It’s really a whole new way of cooking, thanks to its unique steam chamber design. The AccuSteam™ harnesses the science of steam to deliver 100% usable surface area. Steam by nature is attracted to anything colder than itself, which allows users to place cold or frozen product on the griddle surface with near-instant surface temperature recovery – regardless of food load. This results in even surface temperatures without any hot or cold spots. While other griddles can have temperature variations ranging between ± 25 and  ± 45 degrees F,  the AccuSteam Griddle has a uniform surface temperature of ± 5 degrees F regardless of the food load.

With that uniform temperature, even less experienced crew members can turn out perfect product. The griddle surface has no hot or cold spots, and virtually edge-to-edge cooking capability, which means more usable space. The AccuSteam Griddle has the shortest recovery time in the industry — just 10 seconds — which helps operators meet high-volume rush periods.

The griddle’s stainless steel cooking surface is easy to clean with just water and a scrub pad. A 4’ AccuSteam Griddle cleans up in less than 10 minutes as compared with 30 to 45 minutes for traditional griddles. And there’s no need for special brushes, grill bricks or harsh chemicals, so it saves both time and money.

Speaking of money saving, it’s ENERGY STAR® qualified, too and can actually lower the overall temperature of the kitchen due to its low radiant heat. The AccuSteam Griddle is available powered by natural gas, propane or electricity and comes in a wide range of griddle sizes. With counter-top, drop-in or standalone models, there’s one to fit every operation.

Any way you look at it, the AccuSteam Griddle brings efficiency, speed and power to any kitchen and truly has unmatched performance.

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