The new Manitowoc Ice NEO

Manitowoc Ice has built its reputation on developing the most innovative and reliable ice solutions for the foodservice industry. Our newest ice machine - NE - is an all-in-one, undercounter ice making and storage solution, that provides a new level of performance, intelligence and convenience, as it meets your demand for ice.

Perfect for restaurants, bars, cafés, coffee shops, stadium boxes and offices – NEO delivers the ice you need—where and when you need it.


NEO offers up to 33 lbs more of ice production within the same footprint of our existing models over a 24 hour period.  Extra ice production helps operators cover spikes in demand throughout the day.  NEO outperforms in energy conservation too. All of the NEO air-cooled models meet or exceed ENERGY STAR V2.0 qualifications. That represents a 100% increase over Manitowoc’s existing undercounter offering.  With 10% less energy consumption and 22% less water usage, adds up over time, which is money that can be put back into an owners business.

Reliability has also been designed into NEO. A robust cabinet structure, time-tested and proven vertical evaporators (exclusive to Manitowoc) and well thought out modular construction for easy service and maintenance.  For further operational piece of mind, this new platform has passed numerous, rigorous testing protocols—setting a new standard of performance in an undercounter ice machine.


Manitowoc’s NEO is the first undercounter ice machine to offer operators feedback and vital performance and operational information at a glance.  Universally recognizable display icons/buttons speak your language, whatever language you speak.  These icons are located on the front of the machine and are illuminated by long-life LED indicator lights.  Indicators include:  Power, Delay, Cleaning, Bin Full and Service. The keypad placement is ideal for viewing and easy actuation – no bending required.

• The ‘Power Indicator’ is interactive and illuminates once pressed so an operator can easily see that the machine is operating and in ice making mode.

• The ‘Clean’ button light indicates the machine is going through a clean cycle.

• The ‘Full Bin’ indicator illuminates when harvested ice reaches the top of the bin. Now at opening time an operator can see at a glance that there’s plenty of ice available—no need to open up the bin to check and see.

• The ‘Delay’ is a key feature that allows an operator to set a 4, 12 or 24 hour delay in ice production. This makes it possible to better manage ice production and lower water and energy costs even further.  After the set delay time has passed, the machine automatically resumes ice production. This eco-friendly feature is perfect for days when an establishment might be closed or only opens for a portion of the day.

• The ‘Service’ wrench icon illuminates in red and blinks to provide advance notice of a potential problem.  The machine continues to operate in a safe mode to allow time for the service technician to contacted.


In addition to performance and intelligence, Manitowoc NEO undercounter ice machines provide operators a new level of product features tested in both the lab and the field. Manitowoc has put an emphasis on and delivered a better standard of clean ability, ergonomics, sanitation and serviceability.

The simplified food-zone is easy-to-clean with rounded corners and the relocation of key components outside the food-zone.  Thoughtful features like the use of thumbscrews to access components for faster cleaning without the need for tools. New exterior panels that are easy to clean and finger print proof.  Finally, a new scoop design features a full comfort grip handle and two scoop holder locations (left or right side) just inside the bin, above the ice, for quick and easy storage and access.

When it comes to service, NEO embodies the best design principles along with modular construction to make servicing the machine easier and much quicker than ever before.  Shorter service calls and reduced downtime translates into less money out of pocket if service is required, especially after the warranty expires.

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