The new Convotherm 4 – designed around you

Combi steamers have revolutionized everyday life in the professional kitchen. Now, a new generation of combi steamers is capturing the market: the Convotherm 4

The outstanding features of this innovative unit are perfect cooking results, low energy consumption and functional design. Having redesigned the product line on the basis of detailed research and intensive discussions with users in the field worldwide, our objective is to maximize quality and customer satisfaction. The Convotherm 4 is being launched at INTERNORGA.

Planning and organizing a commercial kitchen has always followed strict production and logistical rules. The Convotherm 4 product family now introduces a new factor: aesthetic design. “When designing professional commercial kitchens, this involves adding a new qualitative dimension under the motto ‘Form follows function’,” explains Dr. Martin Behle, General Manager of the Convotherm and Merrychef brands.

The priorities are:

  • optimum cooking quality
  • clear aesthetics
  • easy servicing
  • intuitive operation
  • a choice of controls for two different operating systems: highly automated processes or maximum flexibility
  • safety with a fully automated ConvoClean+ and ConvoClean cleaning systems
  • energy efficiency and minimum water consumption
  • sustainability, starting right back in the factory

“It is clear from first glance that the Convotherm 4 combines world-class technology with user-friendly, hygienic design,” states Saskia Smeets, Director of Field Marketing for the Convotherm and Merrychef brands. The new Convotherm 4 is also ideal for front-of-house cooking.

The design is consistent across the entire product line of Convotherm 4 combi steamers, which includes seven sizes, each available in eight basic versions. A total of 56 models are based on a standard infrastructure that extends to the intuitive user interface in all product classes.

A choice of controls for two different packages:

1. easyTouch® for highly automated processes

The Convotherm 4 easyTouch controls have a full 9″ touchscreen with configurable user interface. The easyTouch control package includes:

• Advanced Closed System+ (ACS+)

• ConvoClean+ cleaning system

• Ethernet interface

2. easyDial™ for maximum flexibility

With the Convotherm 4 easyDial controls, all the functions are available in one level. You can quickly set your own personal cooking profiles. The easyDial package includes:

  • Advanced Closed System+ (ACS+)
  • Semi-automatic cleaning system
  • Optionally: ConvoClean cleaning system

The optional extras for both packages include:

  • Disappearing door, including hygienic door handle with safety latch plus sure-shut function
  • ConvoSmoker, the built-in smoker function for easyTouch electrical appliances
  • Sous-vide sensor, with external socket
  • Steam and vapor removal (built-in condensation hood)

Optimum cooking qualities

The Advanced Closed System+ (ACS+) delivers the ultimate in even cooking results thanks to perfect steam saturation, automatic humidity adjustment in combi-steam mode, rapid and uniform heat transfer in convection mode plus active control of air input and output. The result is an ideal, constant environment in the cooking chamber for all products from vegetables through meat and fish to side dishes or baked goods, whether fresh, frozen or precooked. “Even when the oven is full, food is always cooked evenly and retains its succulence, while achieving the crispness you require,” emphasizes Ludwig Weber, Senior Product Manager at Convotherm.

Special functions:

  • Crisp&Tasty™: crisp cooking results in minimum time. You can program the five levels of moisture or select them manually
  • BakePro: 5 levels for the traditional baking function; no need to defrost frozen goods
  • HumidityPro: manual control for adding 5 levels of extra moisture in combi-steam mode from 30°C for succulent cooking results; also ideal for keeping food warm
  • 5-speed fan: optimum results even with sensitive products such as pastry puffs

Flexible cleaning concept

ConvoClean+ and ConvoClean deliver maximum flexibility for minimum consumption. Thanks to new operating functions and the single-measure dispensing option, there is the right solution for every user profile. Cleaning runs fully automatically with the choice of eco, express or regular mode. Steam-disinfection and drying cycles after cleaning guarantee perfect hygiene.

iF Design Award 2014

iF International Forum Design has awarded the Convotherm 4 range the coveted iF Design Award 2014 for outstanding international design achievement – confirmation from an independent body that the Convotherm 4 really does combine innovative design with maximum functionality. This award is one of the world’s most important design prizes, demonstrated by the impressive competition stats of more than 3,249 entrants from over 50 countries annually.

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