SpeeDelight – fast has never tasted so good

SpeeDelight, the new, award-winning, high-speed cooking solution from Electrolux, will showcase three new videos within the next 30 days

Electrolux’s newest and most innovative product of 2017, SpeeDelight, is hitting social media channels with three new videos within the next 30 days. Electrolux’s brand new high-speed cooking solution, SpeeDelight, took the top prize at this year’s Plus X Awards, highlighting the company’s commitment to delivering innovative and accessible technologies for our customers.

Launched in January 2017, SpeeDelight took home a total of two awards at the ceremony. As well as being given a Plus X Award seal of approval, judges also presented SpeeDelight with the prestigious label of “Best Product of the Year” for 2017 – conferred on the solution which receives the most individual seals of approval within its product category.

Extraordinary design

The Plus X Awards recognize innovative and sustainable design, with awards handed out for new and innovative technologies, extraordinary design and intelligent, easy-to-use operating systems.

Further details:

The new video focusing on ‘Speed’ can be viewed here:






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