So easy, it’s a blast

Precision’s blast chiller/freezers designed for ease of use, reliability and energy efficiency

When used as part of a well-planned food production process blast chiller/freezers significantly improve service, reduce overall production times, cut food waste and hence costs, as well as ensuring compliance with food safety standards.

Precision has a range of blast chiller/freezers designed to provide easy to use, reliable, energy efficient chilling and freezing solutions in all sizes of commercial kitchens from very small intimate settings to large restaurants and hotels.

The latest versions feature an easy to use, intuitive microprocessor-controlled digital control panel, which requires little or no staff training and offers the choice of soft chill, hard chill and blast freeze modes, along with HACCP capability. Blast cycles can be controlled by time or food temperature – via the internal food probe and chill or freeze storage functions can be chosen when unit is not blast chilling/freezing. The appropriate storage mode starts automatically at the end of each blast cycle.

The self-contained bottom mounted 43°C ambient refrigeration system can be easily accessed for servicing whilst the high velocity internal evaporator fans ensure even chilling (0 to +3ºC)/freezing (-18 to -20ºC) throughout the cabinet. Defrost is automatic and the vaporiser system eliminates the need for a drain.

Available in undercounter and reach-in models with capacities ranging from 15 to 40kg per 90 minute chilling (+90 to 3ºC) or 240 minute freezing (+90 to -18ºC) cycle, all models accommodate gastronorm GN1/1 pans and are mounted on heavy duty, anti-slide brake and swivel castors, as standard.

For ease of installation and economic use, Precision’s blast chiller/freezers operate from a 13 amp supply.

Prices start at £4,635 for the PCF15, the smallest in the range.

For more information check out the Precision website (, or call the company directly on +44 (0)1842 753 994.

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