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Following the success of PathFinder, its temperature monitoring system, Monika has developed TaskMinder, an innovative, wireless hygiene and task management solution

With an almost endless list of duties and responsibilities, it can often be a challenge for caterers to keep track of routine jobs within a kitchen, bar or dining room. How much easier would it be if you were able to keep track of these duties with timely reminders and alerts? Well now, thanks to the team at Monika, the innovative new TaskMinder system is able to do just that, whilst also providing ongoing efficiencies across a business as a whole.

As the leader in wireless monitoring and total food safety solutions for over 20 years, Monika has developed TaskMinder following the success of PathFinder, the company’s temperature monitoring system. This innovative wireless hygiene and task management solution allows operators to schedule routine jobs and use Smart Readers to record real-time task completion data.

Recording essential tasks such as cleaning, maintenance, stock rotation and temperature probing, TaskMinder allows operators to carry out regular duties in an effective, paperless format, delivering efficiencies in terms of labour, stock and time. Capable of omitting audible and visual reminders and alerts at pre-set intervals, the system records completion data including time, location and even the individual responsible, to provide fully traceable, accurate logs. With such robust protection, data records from the TaskMinder system can be downloaded to provide fully compliant HACCP reports, complying with the very latest legislation from regulatory bodies as well as serving to protect a business from public liability claims.

With the option to log data and results onto a cloud based computer dashboard, business managers can regularly check task completion data and can even drill down to identify the efficiency and accuracies of individuals within their team. Optimised for multi-site businesses and large chains, the TaskMinder system allows regional management and head office teams to view results by area, by outlet or by individual between two predefined dates.

“Food safety and hygiene is paramount within any catering business and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly; this doesn’t mean to say it needs to be stressful however,” says Simon Frost, managing director at Monika. “By using the latest technology, caterers can deliver ongoing efficiencies, saving time, paper, stock and ultimately money when it comes to undertaking essential routine tasks. Monika has been developing innovative wireless temperature monitoring and recording solutions for over 20 years. By building on our experience and dedication to implementing the very best total food safety solution, we are proud to introduce TaskMinder, an advanced yet affordable, fully integrated solution, which offers an irrefutably robust approach to managing those everyday duties.”

Used exclusively or by linking directly with the technology from the Monika PathFinder wireless temperature monitoring system, operators can use the TaskMinder system to implement a fully bespoke package, designed specifically to accommodate their business needs. Backed by an extensive UK-based aftersales support service, and using the very latest, state-of-the-art technology, it is no wonder that over 1,500 organisations worldwide have chosen Monika as their preferred solution to food safety.

For more information on the Monika TaskMinder system or to find out about any of the other expert services on offer from the company, please visit or call 0800 130 3838.

About Monika

Monika is a UK-based technology company that has been providing industry-leading food safety monitoring solutions since 1992.

The company has a reputation for delivering innovative yet affordable and simple to use solutions to a wide range of clients, including both in-house and contract caterer operations.

Its fully integrated hardware and software enables efficient and effective wireless and paperless temperature monitoring, probing and broader safety task management – all tailored to individual client requirements.

The company has a UK Head Office at Rearsby Business Park in Leicestershire and teams of engineers across the country. It also has offices in Australia and the Middle East, from where it manages overseas clients.

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