“Simplicity at its best” – Eloma launches its brand new state of the art combi steamer GENIUS MT

Eloma is proud to present their newest innovation: the GENIUS MT with its revolutionary MT Technology.

The special feature on the GENIUS MT: a MultiTouch display with Eloma’s own MT Technology. An easy to use, durable control panel and intuitive controlling makes the handling for the chef especially easy providing effective work optimum support – no matter who is at the controls.

“Our goal at Eloma is that the appliance fits to the customer and not the customer to the appliance,” says Dr. Hilmar Rudloff, managing director of Eloma.

Besides proven technical features for which Eloma is highly regarded, such as the SPS® Steam Protection System or the award-winning Multi-Eco-System, the GENIUS MT is the perfect combi steamer for wherever you need it due to numerous additional highlights.

The functions Last 20, Multi Cooking, Quick Set and Quick Mode are just a few examples to ensure even easier cooking processes.

Through the Last 20 function, the past 20 cooking processes can be seen clearly at a glance and instantly restarted. The fact that this also applies to manual cooking processes is a unique feature. “This is only available at Eloma”, explains Mr. Rudloff, “the last 20 cooking processes are instantly visible to all users.”

Intelligent time management and easy multiple selection with simultaneous operation is made possible with the Multi Cooking function. The GENIUS MT automatically recommends the appropriate programmes and products for the cooking process. This function is always available – regardless if a cooking program has already been started or not.

The Quick Set function contributes to an even more ease of use operation. When setting manually, a second line opens, if needed, with which direct adjustments can be made without leaving the current display.

Not only System Caterers will love the Quick Mode function. It allows rapid and standard handling in all outlets by means of specifically predetermined operating sequences.

Easy operation, technical finesse and last but not least, the requirement to simplify cooking – that is the future of cooking and Eloma begins with the introduction of the GENIUS MT. An outstanding innovation that makes you want to know more.

Eloma GmbH

Eloma GmbH is a leading manufacturer of combi steamers and bake-off ovens for the professional field. The company’s philosophy, „ 100 per cent Made in Germany“ guarantees the highest quality in appliances as well as for all processes demanded from today’s kitchen. The company was founded in 1975 and joined the international Ali Group in 2008. Eloma delivers to over 50 countries worldwide. Further information at http://www.eloma.com/en/

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