SerVue: The future of food bars

Touchless dispensing. Accurate portions. Enhanced food safety.

Are you looking for a new and engaging way to serve your customers? Or maybe you’re hoping to streamline your serving process, without sacrificing quality or freshness? With a SerVue™ touchless refrigerated slide-in from Vollrath, you can do all that and more.

This innovative unit brings theater to the foodservice space and gives your customers a front-row seat to all the action in a way that is interactive, safe, and accurate.

Easy interactive dispensing

SerVue maintains all the benefits that come with the self-serve nature of traditional drop-ins, while getting rid of many of the pain points.

Food is beautifully showcased in a vertical fashion to give customers a clear view of their choices and allow them to select the specific items they desire, just as they would at a traditional cold food bar.

Customers won’t have to navigate a breath guard or extend their reach to get to the ingredients in the back of the unit.

Safety made simple

The high-capacity canisters are kept in a reliable refrigerated chamber that maintains safe temperatures, even outside of service hours, and protects food from airborne contaminants.

Since the ingredients are placed in sealed, canisters, you won’t find stray shredded cheese in your lettuce or the peas hanging out with the ham. Our goal is to minimize the risk of cross-contamination and spills that are inherent in a traditional open food bar.

Customers are still able to make their own selections but in a much more hygienic, fun and efficient way.

Total cost of ownership

We know that money matters. That’s why we make reliable and well-designed equipment, like SerVue, with many long-term cost and labor-saving benefits.

Gone are the worries about losing cold air from your food bar, SerVue utilizes an enclosure to keep the cold air in rather than letting it out. Now, that’s efficient. SerVue keeps food at peak freshness longer than an open-air setup, meaning more time for making profits and less food waste. Plus, there’s no need for a breath guard which reduces total cost.

The touchless proximity sensors mean you can say good bye to purchasing serving utensils. These sensors also put control of portion sizes back in your hands, saving even more money.

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