Service tray manufacturer awards a prize… And it’s a green one!

The powered by Nature Award is a prize offered to the most popular eco-friendly self-service restaurant

Roltex, one of Europe’s leading service tray manufacturers, based in Belgium, offers a prize to the self-service restaurant that has the most pictures posted online of one of their eco-friendly service trays. In recent years, the company has invested much time and effort in developing a product range that is more durable and eco-friendly and above all, suitable for the professional market. Because – ultimately – even a service tray can be green.

The Horeca market has changed a lot, with more and more restaurants realising the importance of obtaining green credentials. Restaurant owners are looking at sustainability as a point of difference feature in their marketing strategy to gain a competitive advantage. Their sustainability efforts go far beyond food. They start looking at packaging, energy, transport, etc. and now even service trays.

Roltex quickly understood the demand for a  tray solution and started developing an ecological service tray called ‘Earth Tray’ back in 2009. This tray consists of 70 % paper cardboard from a controlled renewable resource and 20% bio resin from waste of sugarcane production. As it also can be personalised, it proved to be an ideal marketing tool too.

This service tray concept was such a success that the manufacturer continued working on this winning path. The design version of the Earth Tray called ‘Wave’ was born in 2015 along with a plastic service tray ‘Paturel’ made from 40 % wood fibre.

After 7 years the service tray manufacturer believed it was time to reward their customers who had chosen one of their ecological trays. The Powered by Nature Award includes an actual physical Award, publicity in all Roltex communication and € 2.500 worth of Roltex products (valid for three years). Every restaurant that has purchased a tray out of  the Roltex Green assortment – Earth Tray, Wave or Paturel – is officially eligible to participate. The idea is that the restaurant asks their customers to take a picture of their tray in use  and upload  it to Facebook adding @Roltex nv. The restaurant that has the most pictures posted, wins the award.

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