Scotsman Ice Systems is proud to announce Prodigy Plus®, the next generation of innovative ice technology. Born from extensive market research and field testing and offering a host of unique features, Prodigy Plus makes ice machines easy to service, easy to clean, and easy to operate.

Prodigy Plus builds on Scotsman’s proven Prodigy® platform and delivers a number of customer-driven enhancements. Developed specifically to meet the demanding ice production needs of foodservice, hospitality and convenience store markets, Prodigy Plus provides peace of mind by delivering higher levels of reliability and energy efficiency than ever before—all within a smaller operational footprint. “Prodigy Plus is specifically engineered to produce the exact amount of ice you need, when you need it, with minimum effort and maximum efficiency,” says Jeff Biel, director of product development for Scotsman.

“We introduced our Prodigy line in 2006. Since then, we have worked diligently with customers to determine the best approach to feature enhancement and optimizing overall performance. Prodigy Plus is the result of that intensive research and we know customers will be thrilled at the array of features and options that Prodigy Plus delivers.”

Among those features are relocated Auto-Alert™ indicator lights that offer better visibility; a self-aligning front panel offering easier access to key components; a front-located air filter that eliminates the need for side clearance; a QR code that instantly connects users to unit-specific service information that includes the warranty service record; one-touch cleaning that reduces labor costs and saves time; a patented WaterSense purge control that optimizes water and energy consumption; and built-in antimicrobial protection that guards internal surfaces between cleanings. Prodigy Plus ice machines also offer two significant optional features: Smart-Board™ advanced feature module with additional diagnostic capabilities and Vari-Smart™ ice level control that allows operators to customize ice levels for specific applications or requirements.

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