Rational gives five-year warranty on steam generators

Rational gives five-year warranty on its new fresh steam generators

Rational cooking units are efficient, reliable, and long-lasting. Not for nothing has the German company been the Number One in hot food preparation in the world’s professional kitchens for the last 40 years. The market leader now intends to stand by the high quality of its products by extending the warranty period of its steam generators to five years.

The fresh steam generator in Rational cooking units ensures that colors, flavor, and vitamins are retained during cooking, while fish, vegetables, and other sensitive products do not dry out. It combines the benefits of cooking in water, i.e. achieving maximum humidity, with the gentle properties of steam. During cooking, hygienic fresh steam flows constantly around the food – without the addition of water.

This is also what influences the precise interaction between power, time, heat, humidity, and air flow in Rational cooking units. In turn this guarantees maximum uniformity – even with full loads.

And for all this precision, the Rational fresh steam generator has proven to be particularly long-lived, and robust. “Because our steam generators achieve such impressive performance over long periods, we have decided to extend our warranty from two to five years,” enthuses Björn Rowland, Rational Area Vice President North America, and adds: “By doing this, we aim to demonstrate that not only do we give our customers the best possible technology, but they also receive a product that they can rely on in the long-term.”

Increasing numbers of professional chefs in the US and Canada are learning just how powerful the Rational cooking units are. Although the German specialist’s products are less well-known over here than in Europe, Rational will be encountered more and more frequently in America’s large-scale and commercial kitchens.

“No dish will ever leave our kitchen without coming into contact with a Rational unit in one way or other”, says Barbara Lynch, founder and CEO of the Barbara Lynch Group, one of the most exclusive restaurant chains in North America. She adds, “Our chefs are simply delighted by the uniformity of the food we have produced since we started working with Rational.” Here again, the fresh steam generator is clearly a massive help.


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