Quality UK engineering meets sleek Italian style with the launch of Q90

The Middleby Corporation introduces Q90

The Middleby Corporation, a global leader in the foodservice equipment industry, has introduced Q90, a 70-piece modular range of 900mm deep commercial catering equipment.

Q90 was conceived and developed in Italy, but engineered and manufactured in the UK by the Middleby Group, at Lincat’s dedicated production facilities. As such, it successfully blends manufacturing expertise from the north of the continent with the creative flair found in the south.

From striking curved, hydro formed door panels to silky smooth finishes and sleek handles, Q90’s aesthetics and European style are simply flawless. But while style is important, output and performance are crucial. That’s why the overall dimensions are ‘European’ too with standard widths of 400mm, 800mm and 1200mm, to provide greater capacity than typical UK manufactured equipment.

It’s also why Q90’s research and development team at Lincat have worked tirelessly to ensure that each product is capable of powerful performance, whilst being both rugged and reliable. The team’s confidence in Q90 is demonstrated by the fact that each item carries a comprehensive two-year warranty.

The Q90 range of gas and electric equipment includes: oven ranges, boiling tops, fryers, griddles and chargrills, as well as bains marie, pasta cookers, boiling kettles, bratt pans and ambient units. And there is huge flexibility within those categories. Take oven ranges, for example. The collection includes gas, electric or dual fuel models. Then you can choose from a wide selection of hob tops including: four, burner, six burner, gas or electric solid tops, vitro-ceramic hob tops or induction. There’s a wide choice of fryers too – twin or single tank, gas or electric, manual or programmable, with pumped oil filtration and automatic basket lifts as options.

When it comes to installation, the Q90 range has been designed with ease and cost in mind. Individual items of equipment can be suited together with modular kick strips, connection strips and cover panels. Equipment can therefore be fitted quickly, easily and cheaply, with no need to cut connecting strips to length on site. Q90 products have also been designed to be easy to maintain. Access to serviceable parts is made, wherever possible, through the front of individual units. But where the unit needs to be pulled out from the line, for service or maintenance, this is also easy thanks to the modular kick strips, connection strips and cover panels.

“Q90 is a first for the European catering equipment sector”, said Richard Fordham, Q90’s International Brand Manager. “Never before has Southern European style been successfully blended with Northern European engineering rigour and manufacturing precision. The result is a genuinely new and different offer for high output, professional caterers everywhere.”

For more information, visit www.cookq90.com

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