Bake, freeze, reheat and serve all in the same pan with Flexepans from Primeware Ceramics. The non-stick, unbreakable and lightweight pans offer a truly flexible solution to food display, whatever the occasion or type of catering operation.

Made from 100% food-grade silicone, Flexepans come in GN1/1 and GN1/2 sizes, 65mm deep, perfect for mixing and matching on the counter top. A choice of vibrant colours – red, black, green, blue and white – brightens up the display and provides a welcome change from stainless steel.

Each Flexepan is reinforced with stainless steel for extra strength, making it well equipped for the rigours of a busy commercial kitchen. For the ultimate in convenience, take a Flexepan straight from the freezer to the oven. The contents are guaranteed an even bake and will not continue to cook once removed. If the user has a microwave that has been designed to accept stainless steel then the pans can also be microwaved, before being dropped straight into the GN well of a display unit, or placed on top ready for service. Once empty, the odour-free and stain resistant Flexepans can go straight into the dishwasher before being stacked for easy storage. A selection of polycarbonate lids is available, making Flexepans even more useful as a one-stop food service solution.

For further information on Flexepans, and other products in the Primeware Ceramics range, visit or call 0208 995 1306

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