The Brazilian retail company expands to enter the American market for the first time

Ofner has 65 years and tradition creating delights that are a part of people’s everyday lives in Brazil. For the first time in May during the NRA Show, the company expanded beyond the Brazilian geographic limits to enter the American market.

Ofner is recognized for the quality of its products, which are known to be always fresh, tasty and healthy. With 25 retail stores covering most of São Paulo area, the brand represents the city’s lifestyle. In a city extremely competitive like São Paulo, just having food is not good enough. In order to exceed people’s expectations, Ofner offers a full line of products that goes from savory snacks to ice creams, chocolates to Panettones and an extraordinary pastry portfolio with more than 300 products.

In this next chapter, the company introduces to the international market its new business concept: Ofner Professional – Food We Love.

International markets

“The professional concept emerged to appeal to new markets, including the international one, which for us goes beyond the retail store chains. We are focusing on developing the “business to business” market, where we can take the Ofner products to companies at special prices. Ofner Professional also offers the know-how of all our operating facilities and the years of learning we amassed from developing our private label recipes directly to client companies”, says Mario Costa Jr. , Director of International Business.

It will also be the opportunity to showcase to the international market the brand and its unique high-quality products, such as delicious Brazilian cheese breads, coxinhas, chocolates, gelato, sorbet and panettones, which are sold in innovative and creative packaging and prepared under the strictest international sanitary regulations.

“In 2016 we already started exporting panettones to Miami and New York, Now, we want to strengthen this expansion, so participating at the NRA Show gave us the perfect opportunity to introduce other product categories into international markets”, explained Mario Costa Jr.


About Ofner

Exclusive products with unique flavors – this is how Ofner has always been described and recognized along its 65 years of history. Its candies and appetizers are handcfrafted with a lot of innovation and creativity and only use the finest selected ingredients. Ofner is also a reference for introducing remarkably perfect packages ideal for gifts. The company produces all its delights at the 70.000 ft2 factory located in Sao Paulo. Currently there are 25 stores located in strategically areas of São Paulo. In 2016, the brand expanded its business to the international market and began exporting panettones to Miami and New York. In order to further emphasize the great success of the company, this year the brand was awarded as one of the Best Bakeries in Brazil by Max Foods Multi Negocios and by Datafoods Research Institute. http://www.ofner.com.br/

Contact Ofner: Mario Martins da Costa Jr. – mariojr@ofner.com.br – 55 11 94479 7877

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