New solutions from Granuldisk for staff retention and sustainability

Easy, sustainable and efficient are the keywords for the D1 and D2, two brand new dishwashers lunched by Granuldisk this year

Granuldisk is a company with a mission to strip away all unnecessary use of resources and manual steps that are normally needed for commercial dishwashing.

“The commercial kitchen industry is faced with staff retention, rising inflation, and sustainability requirements. With our new products and solutions in the Lean Wash Center range, we want to support both existing and new customers to turn the challenges of today into tomorrow’s opportunities,” says Mattias Johansson, Chief Commercial Officer at Granuldisk.

D1, an under-counter solution, and D2, a hood-type dishwasher, are the new additions to the water-based product line called Lean Wash Center. The first product

in the range, X2, was released in 2021 and now it is time to launch two more solutions. All products in the family are easy to use and efficient, and support any commercial kitchen striving to become more sustainable.

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