New range of chemicals from Hobart delivers best cleaning results

Hobart launches a range of chemicals to improve their warewashing performance and ensure the best cleaning results.

Hobart is helping operators improve their warewashing performance with the launch of a range of chemicals featuring high-quality ingredients to ensure the best cleaning results.

The new, environmentally friendly Hyline range, which has been established for many years in Germany, features six liquid detergents and two liquid rinse aids – each one colour coded to eliminate the risk of cross usage – and featuring integrated dispensers for safe and easy handling.

The Hyline collection has been specifically tailored to suit the Hobart range of glasswashing, dishwashing and utensil washing equipment, but is suitable for use with all other brands of commercial warewashing equipment where it will also deliver superior results.

Simon Lohse, Director Hobart Service UK said: “We believe it is the right time to give UK operators access to a range that has been setting the standard in Germany for some years in terms of warewashing quality.

“Hyline offers an appealing combination of better quality and the best cost because the products are surprisingly inexpensive – something that all operators will appreciate.

“We think customers with Hobart equipment and those using other types will certainly value the numerous benefits the Hyline range offers. We appreciate that there are many established brands of liquid detergent and rinse aids but Hyline raises the bar in terms of performance so is a very worthwhile addition to the UK market and will offer an enhanced choice.”

The Hyline range is available now from Hobart UK across all foodservice sectors. For more information or to order please visit

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