New Kisag HotWhip – whipping up extra time for chefs everywhere

The new Kisag HotWhip blender takes over the labour-intensive process of stirring fresh sauces

Catering equipment specialist Bonzer has launched the Kisag HotWhip blender to help assist busy chefs in the kitchen. Designed to save time when preparing sauces, mousses and desserts by eliminating the need to stand over a pan and constantly stir, the Kisag HotWhip both heats and blends liquids while keeping them warm until service.

Gentle stirring motion

Built with a busy kitchen in mind, the HotWhip maintains the texture, temperature and consistency of freshly-prepared sauces, mousses and desserts. By simply adding up to 1 litre of produce, it can provide up to 2 litres of delicate sauce; all without a skin forming on the recipe thanks to a gentle stirring motion.

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