The Custom Counters incorporate Fri-Jado’s innovative and patent pending OmniCold refrigeration system

Uxbridge-based foodservice and food retailing equipment provider, Fri-Jado UK Limited, has launched a new range of chilled Custom Counters, which the company claims are the most sustainable products of their type on the market.

The Custom Counters incorporate Fri-Jado’s innovative and patent pending OmniCold refrigeration system, which works by blanketing the food on display from all sides. A low velocity air flow of approximately 120 m3/h/m circulates above and below the food. Refrigerated air circulated across the product deck chills products from below, whilst slots in the deck allow air to escape to the top. This prevents the top air flow from collapsing and enables higher stacking heights, even at minimal air speeds.

An ingeniously designed air outlet grille creates an air flow which reduces turbulence and therefore mitigates the infiltration of ambient air, meaning less energy is required to refrigerate the air. Compared with static cooling, the air flow greatly enhances the energy transfer capabilities from the coil, allowing higher evaporating temperatures, for a significant improvement in energy efficiency.

Further energy savings have been achieved by incorporating efficient LED lighting, DC fans, triple pane insulated side glass and a fully insulated shell. Energy consumption of the counters has been measured at 4.54 kWh/day/m2 at 3M0, which is some 43% below the ECA Energy Efficiency Index threshold.

Efficient operation

Fri-Jado has adopted environmentally friendly refrigerants for its range of counters and has led the way in phasing out the use of refrigerants with higher ozone depletion potential, such as R404A and R410A. Its Custom Counters have been designed to operate efficiently with wide range of energy efficient, future-proof refrigerants with low global warming potential (GWP), minimising the impact on the environment. Refrigerant options offered for use with the counters include R744/CO2, R455A and glycol for remote systems and R1234yf for integral systems.

Fri-Jado has also addressed the hot topic of food waste in the development of its Custom Counters. OmniCold, with its low velocity air circulation, delivers accurate holding temperatures, reducing the rate of growth of pathogens and spoilage organisms, whilst slowing down physiological, biochemical and physical processes within food. This helps to ensure that food is maintained at perfect quality and appearance, over extended periods, reducing the amount of merchandise that may be price discounted or thrown away, due to product deterioration.

The Fri-Jado Custom Counter range offers benefits in terms of reusability and recyclability, reducing the depletion of the planet’s precious raw materials. The high build quality and durable components used in the construction of the counters ensure that they have a longer operational life than competitive models.

The inherent smart design means that the majority of components are compatible with future store upgrades, with all external panels, cladding, interiors, worktops and even the glass suitable for use in refurbished or upgraded counters. When the products eventually reach their end-of-life cycle, they are 99% recyclable.

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