New 3M innovations revolutionize water filtration process

3M™ ScaleGard™ blend series of products and recently released SGLP-CL series of reverse osmosis systems save equipment owners time and money

When it’s time to change the water filter in your local coffee shop’s espresso machine, service technicians have traditionally relied on estimating usage rather than having precise, exact information. That’s about to change because 3M has created the first of its kind, 3M™ ScaleGard™ Blend Series of Products, providing a solution that helps ensure a seamless operation of expensive equipment by intelligently calculating water filter usage to provide Recipe Quality Water™. Furthermore, combi-oven and boilerless steamer owners can protect their expensive machinery from scale build-up with the use of 3M™ Water Filtration Products SGLP-CL Series of Reverse Osmosis Systems. The new products will impact the global foodservice industry by delivering palate pleasing water, while revolutionizing the way owners maintain commercial espresso and drip coffee machines, and combi-ovens and boilerless steamers, ultimately saving time and money.

3M™ ScaleGard™ Blend Series of Products

The first of its kind within the industry, 3M ScaleGard Blend Series of Products presents a powerful water filtration system with mobile monitoring capabilities through a Wi-Fi enabled head that connects to a user-friendly app. After system installation, new users simply download the 3M Filter Monitor app and turn on the filter monitor head, allowing the phone to sync to the unit for ease of monitoring.

“The 3M™ ScaleGard™ Series of Products ends the guesswork and stress of having to estimate when a filter needs changing, and more importantly, remembering to replace it once it has reached its rated filtration capacity,” said William Zuccarini, U.S. sales and marketing director, 3M Purification Inc. “Once the system is running, owners and service members can track the number of gallons processed through the filter, and when the filter nears the end of its rated filtration capacity, the app will push an email notification to alert the owner it’s time to order a new cartridge.”

Beyond monitoring the status of cartridge changes, owners and service technicians who handle multiple machines can more easily maintain equipment, as the 3M Filter Monitor app allows users to upload all 3M ScaleGard Blend systems they’re supervising. An easy to navigate map function provides an overview of all 3M ScaleGard systems in one place, providing reads on the status of each cartridge. Once a cartridge needs replacing, the user will be notified via email and the app, as well as a local indication on the ScaleGard system.

“3M has built a strong reputation of innovating solutions that better the lives of those impacted by our products, while saving our customers time and money,” said Gustavo Angulo, global business director, 3M Purification Inc. “By understanding the pain-points of the traditional method for monitoring filter cartridge changes within the foodservice industry, we were able to develop a new product that combines easy-to-use technology, backed with our industry leading water filtration and treatment methods, setting a new benchmark for Recipe Quality Water™.”

Fresh tasting water is achieved by calibrating the adjustable blend knob utilizing 3M supplied test strips—users capture a read of the incoming water quality, enter the values into the app, resulting in a precisely calculated blend setting. Once properly calibrated, Recipe Quality Water™ is achieved by filtration through a trusted chloramine reduction block and ion exchange resin, reducing the chlorine taste and odor and chloramines, and reducing minerals that can cause hard scale build-up on equipment, helping to eliminate the risk of costly repairs.

3M™ Water Filtration Products SGLP-CL Series of Reverse Osmosis Systems

In addition, 3M recently released its SGLP-CL Series of Reverse Osmosis Systems for combi-ovens and boilerless steamers, which have become a growing industry trend in commercial kitchens due to their versatility and efficient cooking options. However, since steam is 100 percent water, variable incoming quality can directly result in hard scale build-up and corrosion of equipment. By utilizing the SGLP-CL Series of Reverse Osmosis Systems, equipment can be protected from scale and corrosion by a single wall mounted, integrated system featuring a chlorine and chloramine reduction catalytic carbon block, a hydraulically driven pump to maximize RO water production and high production RO membranes. The RO system reduces hardness minerals that can build-up in steam equipment, minimizing maintenance and replacement costs, and saving customers on average $300 per year.*

Test the Innovations at the National Restaurant Association Show

3M Purification will be showcasing the new products and offering hands on demonstrations at its booth, #2012, at the National Restaurant Association Show, May 21-24 at McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois. For more information on the 3M™ ScaleGard™ Blend Series of Products visit and SGLP-CL Series of Reverse Osmosis System visit

*1/8” of scale = 25% energy loss = $300 per year (average). Calculation based on $900 annual energy costs with scale-protection; will vary based on the heating equipment.


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