MKN Combi steamer with IPX6

More safety with MKN Combi steamer with IPX6

Anyone involved in food production has to pay special attention to the subject of cleanliness. Cleaning appliances in professional kitchens is an important aspect here. It needs to be carried out very fast and easily during the busy daily kitchen routine.

Automatic cleaning programmes for cleaning cooking chambers provide considerable support, for example, in combi steamers. But these also need to be cleaned from the outside in a fast and particularly safe manner. The MKN FlexiCombi optimizes the process further** as it is certified to IPX6standard and therefore protected against strong jets of water.

This means that the user is guaranteed a thorough cleaning procedure with additional protection*. The IPX6 standard ensures more safety** for the electrical components even when the FlexiCombi is sprayed with large quantities of water.

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