MiniWip up creamy desserts with Carpigiani

A name synonymous with manufacturing state-of-the-art equipment for outstanding gelato production – whether traditional soft serve or artisan, Carpigiani is seen by many within the industry to be at the forefront of commercial equipment development. It’s not just delicious artisan gelato and soft-serve ice cream that Carpigiani are renowned for; take the inventive MiniWip, a compact, countertop appliance that can quickly produce that wonderful fresh, whipped-cream topping found on the best sweet treats.

Ideal for chefs making a range of delightful homemade desserts as well as ice cream parlours, the MiniWip’s impressive two-litre capacity, is perfect for decorating pastries and gelato to give them a real artisan quality. The MiniWip will allow the operator to offer customers a unique added extra to their purchase while also enhancing the establishment’s business offering.

Carpigiani conceived the ingenious idea to mix cream with air by means of their own patented Carpigiani steel gear pump, well known for its efficiency and reliability, to push the mix through a winding, narrow passage called the texturiser. Capable of achieving up to a 300% overrun, meaning every 1litre of fresh cream produces 3litres of whipped cream with a consistent smooth texture and great taste. The high capacity pumps and nozzles are easily removable without tools for quick cleaning and to ensure the upmost reliability and continued smooth running of the business.

Featuring a ‘direct-cooling’ tank, the MiniWip allows the storage of liquid cream to be maintained at a constant temperature of 4°C, something that is continuously monitored by a built-in thermometer. To keep the temperature down even when serving the whipped cream, the MiniWip comes equipped with a refrigerated dispensing system all the way up to the supply point, protected by a unique synthetic material to prevent condensation.  Carpigiani has also fitted the MiniWip with a drip collector that acts as a hygienic protection feature for the dispenser along with an external tank drain for easy, clean draining after use.

To allow the operator to demonstrate their creative flair the MiniWip is equipped with a variable adjustor, controlling the air/cream mixer, making the appliance suitable for all types of animal and vegetable creams and appealing to all customers. The whipped cream can be dispensed in variable portions or continuously, controlled by a simple push button. This facility permits excellent portion control and allows you maximise your takings. In addition, operators are able to purchase a number of piping accessories to further enhance their dessert provision, offering stand out puddings that are sure to keep customers coming back time and time again.

With a footprint of just 22 x 52 x 45cm (w/d/h) the MiniWip makes the most of limited space. Capable of dispensing up to 150 litres x 50kg portions per hour – the unit guarantees continuous production, even during peak hours.

Founded in 1946, Carpigiani is the world leader in ice cream equipment and is renowned for the reliability and longevity of its machines. For expert advice and knowledge of artisan ice cream, soft ice cream-cream, whipping and thick shake machines; as well as  their Carpigiani Gelato University training courses, please call Carpigiani on 01432 346018 or visit

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