Middleby Marshall Rolls Out a New WOW!2 Oven

Middleby Marshall is expanding the WOW!2 Series conveyor ovens with the addition of the new PS638G

“We listened to our customers and they wanted a 38 inch baking chamber, so we engineered the PS638G,” said Mark Sieron, Group President of Middleby Marshall. “This oven has the same outstanding WOW!2 features our customers expect with the proportions they want to most efficiently cook their menu items. This size has already proven to be very popular among large and smaller volume restaurants.”

The PS638G WOW!2 ovens use the Middleby Marshall premier VAF impingement technology allowing users full control of the air flow in the baking chamber. Precisely designed air fingers in combination with a low temperature cook delivers a top quality bake up to 40% faster than traditional ovens. An optional hearth bake belt makes the conversion from a deck oven seamless. The PS638G is also designed to cook endless amounts of chicken, sandwiches, and more.

Reducing energy consumption

Operators will be able to increase production without giving up more space or quality with the PS638G, as it boasts a 2’’ longer bake chamber and 1’’ wider belt than the PS636. The oven has the ability to be stacked three high to meet the highest demands. The PS638G can be cleaned with little effort thanks to removable parts and easy to reach filters. Exclusive to all WOW!2 Ovens, the Automatic Energy EYE uses motion sensing technology to recognize if a product has not been laid on the conveyor sending the oven into an energy savings mode. This mode reduces energy consumption by nearly 40%. The “Cool Skin” safety feature, also exclusive to the WOW!2 Ovens, keeps the external surface of the oven under 120oF. Employee safety is just as important as baking performance. You get both with the new WOW!2 PS638G oven!

Middleby Marshall has been proudly developing the most technologically-advanced, patented cooking equipment in the industry, while providing quality manufacturing and employing the best service and sales support in the world for 125 years and counting. Information on Middleby Marshall is available at www.middleby-marshall.com.