Perfect for self-service breakfasts, the ST500A Sycloid makes crumbs of the competition thanks to its clever use of cycloid motion to move the toast around the elements in a smooth, seamless stream. This unique Sycloid feature eliminates the most common maintenance issues associated with conventional conveyor toasters using a drive chain system, and also ensures whisper-quiet operation.

The 13-amp, robust stainless steel machine can handle up to 500 bread slices an hour, and will even accommodate slices up to 30mm thick. An intelligent autosense feature detects a slice being placed into the machine and automatically initiates the toasting process. With the heat setting and speed control pre-set by the caterer to suit the bread type, there is little need for the diner to touch the unit. Just in case, the unit incorporates a safe external touch temperature feature. The cut-away sides of the illuminated delivery chute make it easy to see when the toast is ready for collection.

The ST500A has a hinged top cover, slide out crumb tray for easy cleaning, and removable, machine-washable racks. An automatic power-saving mode conserves energy during quiet periods.

To find out more about the Roband ST500A Sycloid toaster as well as other products in the Metcalfe Catering Equipment range, visit or call 01766 830456.

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