Meiko announces release of M-iClean line

The latest dishwasher innovation from Meiko combines technology and aesthetics

The result of many years of research, M-iClean has to be seen to be fully appreciated. MEIKO is the technological master in warewashing design, and this is one occasion where creativity in design and innovative engineering have combined to produce a visually stunning undercounter that is also user-friendly.

The new M-iClean range of undercounter dishwasher achieves the perfect transition of technological ingenuity into product design. M-iClean combines the most sophisticated dishwashing technologies into one visually stunning package, creating a harmonious combination of technology and aesthetics.

Key features: 
Eye-catching and informative LED illumination. The illuminated handle indicates machine status with a series of colors that are clearly visible from a distance. Blue: Machine is ready for operation. Pulsing green: Means the M-iClean is washing efficiently. Red: Indicates there is an important message on the display, such as a blockage or lack of rinse aid.

One touch controls. Ergonomic touch screen shows all available functions as clearly identifiable icons, while a dynamic progress bar shows how much of the wash cycle has been completed.

Color coding. Making operation easy for operators in any language, any part of the M-iClean colored blue or illuminated in blue can be touched, operated or cleaned. Components marked in blue, such as the M-iClean filter, are elements that can easily be checked or cleaned regularly by the operator.

Communication. M-iClean monitors key machine components, such as the M-iClean filter and rinse arm. Its service-friendly design makes the machine easier to clean. For example, the wash pump is easily accessible from inside the machine, making it quick and easy to remove anything that shouldn’t be there.

M-iClean will be ready to be shipped from Meiko’s factory in late September.

About MEIKO 
MEIKO is a world leader in integrated cleaning and disinfection solutions. Globally known for industry-leading and sustainable dishwashing designs, MEIKO manufacturers commercial warewashers, waste handlers, tray conveyors and disinfection appliances for the foodservice and healthcare industries. Founded as a five-man workshop in 1927, MEIKO now has over 2,000 employees in 21 subsidiaries worldwide. To learn more about MEIKO, visit or call (800) 55–MEIKO.

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