Meet the pre-rinsing game changer from T&S Brass

The T&S DuraPull offers peak performance, unmatched durability and long-term reliability for high-volume kitchens

T&S Brass has released an all-new pre-rinse unit that takes legendary T&S durability to an even higher level and launches an innovative take on the traditional kitchen workhorse. Created by the company that introduced the original pre-rinse unit in 1947, the T&S DuraPull offers peak performance, unmatched durability and long-term reliability for high-volume kitchens.

DuraPull’s unique pull-down operation means users simply pull the sprayer down toward the sink to activate the water flow and release it to end the flow, reducing fatigue and creating a more ergonomic user experience.

This highly intuitive operational design is also water-saving. It eliminates the traditional handle and hold-down ring that users could employ to keep water running even when not in use. The 1.07 gpm sprayer has an effective spray pattern for fast cleanability and is compliant with the latest Department of Energy regulations.

Heavy-duty construction

In addition to its unique operation, the T&S DuraPull features heavy-duty construction ideal for high-volume kitchens. DuraPull is backed by an industry-leading 7-year warranty thanks to features like a stainless steel on-off valve for extended durability. And DuraPull has undergone lifecycle testing that far exceeds industry standards.

Other standard features support DuraPull’s top performance, including a sprayer swivel with 360-degree rotation to reduce strain on users’ wrists and joints and ceramic cartridges tested to over 1 million cycles without failure and that come with a lifetime warranty.

DuraPull is available in a variety of configurations for deck- or wall-mount installations to accommodate any installation need. The new pre-rinse unit has the same height and reach as traditional units.

DuraPull’s modern styling is a perfect option for high-end, open-concept kitchens where design takes center stage and an ideal performance solution for the busiest kitchens where durability is the primary concern.

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