Link Microtek brings Ferrite microwave systems to UK food processing market

The move follows the signing of a new representative agreement between Ferrite Microwave Technologies (FMT) and Link Microtek

A renowned range of batch and continuous microwave systems from US manufacturer Ferrite Microwave Technologies (FMT) is now available in the UK and Ireland through Basingstoke-based Link Microtek, following the signing of a new representative agreement between the two companies.

Primarily aimed at food processing and foodservice applications such as drying, thawing and cooking, FMT’s microwave systems have earned an enviable reputation for their outstanding quality, reliability and durability. The company has unrivalled expertise and pedigree in microwave technology: its founding executives were part of the Raytheon team that invented the first industrial microwave systems in the 1970s, and FMT went on to eventually purchase that same business unit in 2003.

Link Microtek is a specialist supplier of microwave and RF systems and components for industrial applications and has been acting as representative for the components side of FMT’s business since early 2016. That original agreement has now been extended to cover FMT’s large-scale microwave systems as well.

An exciting opportunity

Steve Cranstone, Link Microtek’s managing director, commented: “We have enjoyed considerable success with FMT’s range of high-power microwave components since we began working together in 2016, and this extension to our agreement gives us an exciting opportunity to offer a high-quality range of microwave systems to the food processing market in the UK and Ireland.”

For FMT, director of sales Stephen M. King added: “We are delighted at the way our partnership with Link Microtek has developed over the last two years. With its expert understanding of microwave technology, the company has proved to be a very effective representative and we are confident that this depth of technical knowledge will be of enormous benefit in its efforts to expand our business in the food sector.”

The effective use of microwave technology in food processes, either in conjunction with or in place of conventional heating methods, helps customers to lower energy costs, minimise process time and reduce product waste. FMT offers a range of microwave systems to deliver these technological benefits, including mini batch microwave systems, continuous tempering tunnel systems, boost ovens and microwave oven continuous cooking systems.

For foodservice operations that need to thaw moderate quantities of food in a hurry and have limited space, the MIP4 Mini Batch Microwave is the ideal solution. Consisting of a compact microwave and a 75kW microwave generator, this complete system can typically thaw a 25kg box of beef in 65 seconds or up to 680kg of raw, frozen product per hour.

For a production environment, the MIP12 Continuous Tempering Tunnel (pictured) is capable of tempering up to 6000kg of product per hour (from -18 to -2degC). This line simplifies the food tempering process by eliminating the need for tempering rooms and heated rack systems, as well as the sanitation and food safety issues those options present. Product quality and yield are improved while drip loss is minimised or eliminated. Flavour and protein compounds remain in the product and are passed along to the consumer.

Precise system control and proprietary feed technologies enable superior tempering uniformity and ease of use. The standard MIP12 system consists of a 2.5m-long applicator tunnel that accommodates boxes with end dimensions up to 50 x 25cm.

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