Irinox MyA – reinventing simplicity through design

Renowned for developing and manufacturing a range of commercial blast chillers and shock freezers that combine the latest in technological developments with the utmost in quality, Irinox has long been seen as one of the market leaders in the sector. Now, in an exciting new development to the company’s MultiFresh® range, Irinox has developed the MyA, a multi-functional, touch-sensitive user interface, fitted as standard to all units.

Combining a bright, 7” display, with simple to use, intuitive icons, operators are able to quickly and efficiently access the numerous functions on the extensive MultiFresh® menu. With options to alter the duration, temperature and levels of air circulation, the MyA allows the operator to select the optimum cycle for each food type.

With the option to blast chill or shock freeze over 90 different food types, the innovative user-interface takes into account the consistency and nutritional values of individual pre-set items before undertaking the optimum cooling cycle to accommodate this. Take a fillet of beef or a fresh piece of fish for example; both are items which require a much more delicate freezing process to maintain their structure than say a tub of delicious homemade ice cream, which often requires shock freezing over a short period, to prevent the formation of ice crystals. Using Hyblade® evaporators and innovative fans, the range can chill or freeze food, even when piping hot in the shortest possible time.

In addition to the chilling and freezing capabilities of the series, appliances are also fitted with the latest sanitisation system for enhanced hygiene. Sanigen® is the Irinox patented system that is capable of sanitising every part of the chamber, including difficult to clean areas such as the evaporator. The system, which has been stringently tested, guarantees to kill 99.5% of both airborne and surface bacteria, while also acting to eliminate unpleasant odours that can occur through continued use.

Michael Eyre, Product Director of Jestic Foodservice Limited, explains how the new MyA user-interface can assist operators throughout the industry:

“In the past, blast chilling and shock freezing was often associated with specialist produce and high-end establishments, however with the developments in technology and introduction of more varied cooking techniques, the humble blast chiller is becoming common place in many kitchens. The introduction of the MyA control panel to the Irinox MultiFresh® range now allows any operator in the kitchen to effectively use features of the appliance, in doing so maintaining the best conditions for food being stored in a chilled or frozen state.”

The Irinox MultiFresh® range contains a total of 19 separate appliances of varying sizes, offering a customised solution to the individual establishment. From smaller, countertop and undercounter models, through to large-scale walk-in and pass-through appliances, the Irinox MultiFresh® range has something to suit all.

For more information on the Irinox MultiFresh® Range or to find out about the other commercial products supplied by Jestic Foodservice Limited, please visit or call 01892 831 960.

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