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Turn up the heat with FEM’s Vollrath Mirage Induction Drop-In Rethermaliser

Foodservice Equipment Marketing’s (FEM) Vollrath Mirage Induction Drop-In Rethermaliser not only looks good in counters and foodserveries, but is a safer and more efficient way to heat and serve food, as it doesn’t require water for heating.

The Mirage Rethermaliser uses induction heating technology to retherm food faster and more precisely, eliminating overheating and resulting in better quality and less waste. The 800 watt, 3D induction coil heats food evenly and efficiently, with more precise temperature control, taking the 10.4 litre capacity inset filled with products such as soup, chilli or macaroni cheese from a chilled state (below 4.4°C) through the HACCP “danger zone” to 73.9°C in less than 90 minutes.

Three sensors have direct contact with the induction-ready inset to provide accurate temperature control, helping to prevent burning or drying out. Once the desired temperature is reached, holding the temperature consumes less than 180 watts. The sensors also measure the differences in food temperatures, alerting the user when it is time to stir the product by illuminating the stir indicator.

The easy-to-use LED display shows temperature, three preset programmes for soup, chilli or macaroni cheese, pre-programmed rethermalise mode and stirring indicator. A locking function prevents untrained users from adjusting the settings.

The Rethermalisers come with an induction-ready inset and a slotted, hinged cover for easy, safe handling. Additional inserts and covers are available from FEM. The list price for the Silver Drop-In Rethermaliser is £595+VAT and includes a full one-year warranty.

For more information on FEM’s Vollrath Mirage Induction Rethermaliser, check out this YouTube video

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