Introducing the Marco FRIIA Lite

A new addition to the FRIIA family, coming soon!

FRIIA Lite is a simple and flexible water solution, perfect for smaller offices with lower volume water needs. Choose any combination of hot, cold, and sparkling water to create the ideal water solution.

FRIIA Lite: features and benefits

FRIIA Lite is compatible with any existing FRIIA font: hot/cold (regular or tall height,) cold/sparkling (regular or tall height,) or hot/cold/sparkling (regular height only.) FRIIA Lite is also compatible with the award-winning MIX UC3 water boiler and comes with the added bonus of an in-build cold water filter. For the sparkling variants, FRIIA Lite can be used with internal or external CO2 source.

FRIIA Lite is perfect for smaller offices or cafes who want to offer a range of beverage options but who might not require the same volume of cold water as our regular FRIIA range.

In addition to this, FRIIA Lite is an excellent choice for any space that wants to offer beverage choice whilst reducing their reliance on single-use-plastic or saving on energy-costs of having bottled water in a fridge.

FRIIA Lite vs. FRIIA: what’s the difference?

The primary difference between FRIIA and FRIIA Lite is the chilling capacity and output of chilled or sparkling water. FRIIA Lite is designed for smaller spaces and can deliver around 12L of cold or sparkling waters an hour, compared with 35-40L from FRIIA.*

FRIIA Lite also has an in-build cold water filter and option for internal or external CO2 source where as FRIIA requires both an external cold water filter and CO2 Source. Both chillers are designed to work with the award-winning MIX UC3 hot water boiler, which is up to 70% more energy-efficient than leading competitors.

FRIIA Lite will be available in the UK and Europe in November 2022 and early 2023 in the US.

Further details:

For more info visit the FRIIA Lite page or contact us at


*Note: this will vary depending on incoming water temperature and usage.

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