How to layout a dry storage space

There are many elements to consider when planning dry storage needs for a foodservice operation. Here are a some tips to help

Deciding how to layout or re-configure a dry storage area can be tricky. You want to store everything efficiently with space for mobility and use all that space from floor to ceiling. At New Age Industrial, we know storage. We create aluminum storage solutions for all types of industries and situations. Here are a few things to consider when determining your dry storage needs. What products are you storing in your dry storage area? Boxes are a massive part of nearly any storage situation. Do you store #10 cans because you make products from scratch? Do you have a BIB system for your soda or beverages?

Box sizes and weights

What are the sizes and weights of the items you store the most? Heavier boxes need shelves with more weight capacity and should be placed on the bottom of shelving units, so employees have an ergonomic-friendly work environment. New Age Industrial’s Heavy Duty (HD) Shelving works well for these items.

Lighter boxes or storage containers can go on the higher shelves of your units and require lighter capacity shelves. New Age T-bar and Solid Shelves work well for smaller boxes and containers.

Cans or boxes containing food

How many #10 or #5 cans do you use? A small half-size can rack holds seventy-two (72) #10 cans. A counter-height can rack holds fifty-four (54) #10 cans. You’ll want a full-size can rack if you have a lot of cans that need to be stored. Will you need a stationary or mobile storage unit? Remember, mobile makes cleaning then more accessible, but can racks can be difficult to move when completely full. If you don’t make your units mobile (also necessary for loading from the back), consider a FIFO (first in, first out) can rack. These are loaded from the front, and the stock automatically rotates to ensure freshness.

Dunnage racks

Dunnage Racks Can Also be Helpful in Dry Storage. Do you have heavy boxes of supplies or large bags of flour? Other dry ingredients? Dunnage racks have weight capacities from 1000 to 5000 lbs. These take up a smaller footprint but let you stack and store vertically heavier products.

What types of pans are you storing?

Do you store bulk sheet pans, steam table pans or lug tubs? A storage solution for these products will take up less space, have more capacity, and provide mobile storage. There are a variety of racks, carts, dollies, and other items that are designed specifically to store one or more pan types at once.

Specialty storage

Is there a specific size pan or container you use to store products? Getting the correct shelving unit, rack, or dolly is very important. It cuts down on wasted space and provides more efficient storage. BIB storage shelving for carbonated beverages is a great example. The bags are stored safely and adequately on shelving that fits the bags and has the proper weight capacity.

Security measures

Do you need a security cage to store chemicals? Or emergency products? High-dollar supplies – silver chafers or serving products. New Age Industrial security cages are fully welded and heavy-duty. Need to turn part of the room into a secure area? Our security fence isn’t just for walk-in coolers. It is lightweight aluminum, simple to install and secure. You can create a locked area inside your storeroom without adjusting your HVAC or building walls.

Unused vertical space

Lastly, don’t forget the wall space. You can install wall shelves, wall mount racks, and other wall mounted items on any wall with proper wall backing or preparation. Some great wall mounted options for storage include T-bar shelves, inverted T-bar shelves, solid shelves, wall mount dish rack holders, wall mount sheet pan racks and more!

New Age Industrial is the leading aluminum extruder and fabricator of storage and transportation equipment in the United States. We design and manufacture heavy-duty yet lightweight aluminum products to meet your exact needs. We work with various industries, including foodservice, supermarket, and material handling. For more information, contact us today, and our team will help find you the perfect product that fits your needs.

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