Hoshizaki ice used in Fling Bar Services bartender courses

New bartender courses from globally successful training consultancy

“Building the perfect drink is an art form,” states Matt Wilkinson of Fling Bar Services, a globally successful professional beverage training consultancy, which is about to launch a series of focused bartender training courses during 2017.

“Of course, the core techniques and skills are vital for any bartender, but our courses go way beyond those. We want our students to completely understand every element of the drinks they are making and, just as importantly, be able to accurately ‘read’ the customers they’re making them for. The whole process should be a thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying experience delivered with utter professionalism.”

Wilkinson considers ice to be one of the most important ingredients in any drink and is a key reason why Fling’s north of England courses are being held in The Maven bar in Leeds where both a Hoshizaki flake and cube machine are installed.

Superior quality

“I think most bartenders would agree that Hoshizaki machines make the best ice,” explains Wilkinson. “Achieving the perfect balance of chilling and dilution is key to good bartending and to facilitate this, the ice used should be of a superior quality. Hoshizaki ice is exceptionally solid and cold so is very slow melting. This means it can be used generously whilst still allowing the bartender ample time to mix, stir or shake the drink to achieve the optimum blend of flavours while also creating a little theatre.”

Fling’s new bartender courses cover a multitude of areas from learning about the various ingredients, glassware and equipment available to becoming competent in all drink making techniques and presentation styles. There is also an advanced element that looks at the history of spirits, analyses cocktail structure and ingredients and prepares students for creating their own signature concept cocktails.

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