Hoshizaki drive sustainability with latest eco-refrigeration launch

The Snowflake GII series features a comprehensive range of refrigeration units in a host of sizes and formats to meet bespoke business requirements

Following the recent launch of the popular Snowflake GII series, Hoshizaki has now expanded the ‘best in class’ range with the introduction of the environmentally friendly, cheaper to run, Hydrocarbon (HC) units across the portfolio.

The Snowflake GII series features a comprehensive range of refrigeration units in a host of sizes and formats to meet bespoke business requirements. Having undergone a significant ‘green’ update, the appliances in the range use the naturally occurring R290 refrigerant, to achieve significantly better performance and lower running costs than the existing Hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) models, which, as part of the ‘Hoshizaki Eco Plan’ will be phased out.

Simple, efficient, cost effective

Designed to be simple and efficient, yet cost effective, the Snowflake GII units achieve outstanding performance in even the most demanding commercial kitchen environments. Presenting a range of cabinets and counters in a choice of sizes, formats and configurations, the new HC models are affordably priced and durable to enhance the cost saving potential.

With the introduction of EU regulation 517/2014, designed to reduce the use of fluorinated greenhouse gasses in commercial refrigeration by 2020 and eliminating all new HFC refrigeration used by 2022, Hoshizaki is an early adopter of the latest, sustainable refrigerants such as R290. Linking with the company’s recently announced ‘Eco Supply Chain’, a holistic approach to creating a better, cleaner future, which includes a focus on production, transport, durability and recycling, the new Snowflake GII HC units can help operators drive a greener commercial kitchen.

The new appliances are designed specifically to generate savings by cutting energy costs, reducing the life cycle expenditure thanks to greater durability. Using premium components that are built to last, has resulted in improved lead times, generating further environmental and operational efficiencies in Hoshizaki’s manufacturing production and logistics process.

An environmentally friendly supply chain

Sustainability is intrinsically linked to Hoshizaki’s global ethos and philosophy. Part of the company’s corporate identity, Hoshizaki is not only committed to producing energy efficient equipment, but also to delivering an environmentally friendly supply chain. From the implementation of renewable energy in production sites around the globe and the use regional manufacturing facilities, cutting down on CO2 emissions, to the use of 95% recyclable materials in equipment to cut down on waste. All of this comes together to form the basis of the Hoshizaki Eco Plan, the continued evidence of which can be demonstrated with a top-rated ISO 14001 accreditation to a number of the company’s facilities around the world.

Simon Frost, director of sales and chain accounts at Hoshizaki UK comments: “Energy saving and sustainable equipment is the key to generating a greener, environmentally friendly future for the foodservice industry. As the global leader in commercial refrigeration and ice making equipment Hoshizaki is widely recognised as being a high quality manufacturer across Europe.

The introduction of the new Snowflake GII units complete with HC R290 refrigerant is a major step towards greater sustainability and allows us to meet wider operator demands across the UK and Europe, with this new best in class offering. Each unit in the range is meticulously designed to achieve the very best energy saving potential while still being simple to operate, durable to withstand constant use and ergonomic in order to fit into an existing kitchen setup.”

Designed to work efficiently in even the most demanding kitchen environment, the Snowflake GII HC models are fitted with Hoshizaki’s innovative ‘Tropical Cooling System’ giving them a top Climate Class 5 rating. This rating means the units are intended to operate in ambient temperatures of up to +40°c and relative humidity of 40%. Available features include a vivid LED display and lighting, an optional splashback on counter units for enhancing hygiene and spillage control and lockable doors for added security.

The Snowflake GII HC units come with a two-year parts and labour warranty as standard.

Further details:

For more information on the Snowflake Generation II HC range, or to find out about the other appliances in the Hoshizaki portfolio, please see www.hoshizaki-snowflake.com or call 01322 616 900.

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