Hobart’s 12-month interest-free payment plan continues to attract operators

Warewashing manufacturer sees 33% spike in businesses taking-up best ever interest free deal

With market uncertainty taking hold as 2016 comes to a close, more and more sites are seeing the benefits of Hobart’s 12-month interest-free payment plan. The warewashing manufacturer has reported a 33% spike in uptake of operators upgrading to state-of-the-art equipment, and lessening business impact by spreading the cost.

The deal is a no-brainer for operators looking to upgrade to the fastest, most innovative, energy efficient equipment on the market. No money is required up-front freeing the coffers for operators to concentrate on the daily running of the business. Employing state-of-the-art equipment also means the same operators can reap the rewards long-term on reduced utility and staffing costs as well as reliability.

Controlling cash flow

Last year, Neil Douglas, proprietor of Café Antipasti, one of Glasgow’s best known Italian restaurants, purchased a Hobart AMX-10A Hood-Type Dishwasher to cope with the site’s 1500 weekly covers.

“We were in the middle of a full refurbishment which is why we chose the interest-free option from Hobart. Doing this allowed us to control the cash flow and concentrate on other elements, which worked out really well for us, making the process so much more manageable,” says Douglas.

“The machine has allowed us to cut back our man hours and given the KP’s more time to focus on other aspects of kitchen cleanliness. It’s also made us better organised after service which of course means earlier finishes!

“We’re about to open a second unit and the dishwasher was the first thing we organised for the kitchen. Same Hobart machine, same deal. We can’t recommend it highly enough.”

Tim Bender, sales director, Hobart Warewashing UK, added: “With prolonged market uncertainty there is no better time to join the wave of operators already taking advantage of the offer. We understand that sites work incredibly hard to keep costs down and, in the current climate, it’s reasonable that uncertainties may apply added pressures. That’s why this deal makes so much sense – there’s no red tape and absolutely no fuss. Simply sign the agreement, take delivery of the machine and see the savings.”

About Hobart:

Hobart is the benchmark for quality and innovation. To learn more, visit: http://www.hobartuk.com/ or call 0844 888 7777

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