Hobart launches ‘game changing’ flight-type warewasher

Hobart UK is launching a groundbreaking flight-type warewasher offering operators a mix of world-first technologies alongside unrivalled cost savings.

With clean cut styling on the outside and a host of unique innovations within, the FTPi is the most economical warewasher of its type ever made.

The machine includes world-first patented twinLINE technology which makes it possible to wash trays on a separate conveyor while the other items are being washed in the machine making for vastly superior operational efficiency. For ease of use, trays are then automatically stacked in the exit section of the machine. Crucially, the system increases capacity without increasing footprint and makes washing up to 30% faster.

Yet more savings come in the shape of the FTPi’s patented 50PERCENT fresh-water rinse, which reduces water consumption by up to 65%, while the company’s PERMANENT CLEAN automatic soil removal system saves up to 20% detergent and eliminates disruption of the wash process caused by the need to remove and clean filters and baskets.

The machine uses its own energy to ensure a stable temperature balance – a precondition for achieving consistent and hygienic results. The CLIMATE PRO System recycles 100% of the machine’s thermal energy also significantly reducing the energy consumption of the machine.

Tim Bender, UK sales director – Warewashing at Hobart UK, says: “Always pushing the boundaries of what a warewasher can be, Hobart has yet again demonstrated its superior dedication to innovation. The FTPi represents the pinnacle of warewashing design currently found anywhere on the globe, harnessing world-first technologies that will make for enhanced performance and serious cost savings. In short, it’s a real game changer.”

Developed with the clear remit of redefining warewashing standards, Hobart’s FTPi is the direct result of years of research and development in conjunction with hospitality operators – the true consultative process that sets Hobart apart from the pack.

Tim adds: “Hobart prides itself on working in partnership with operators to develop solutions that best meet their requirements. In doing this, we are able to create bespoke technologies that not only quicken the warewashing process; they also make it easier and less costly. This approach is truly unique in the marketplace; machines like the FTPi are the fruit of our labour.”

To learn more, visit www.hobartuk.com or call 0844 888 7777

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