High quality food preservation

Moduline srl is now offering a new range of cold holding drawers, a reserve of fresh food always ready in three different solutions!

Moduline Cold Holding Drawers offer high quality food preservation.

With both raw and cooked foods, it is important able to preserve them well until use. This most important need in the kitchen is made extremely easy by Moduline with the new cold holding drawers that, due to new technological solutions and design features ensure the best performance, suitable for the most demanding professional catering.

Insulation, low noise emissions, ease of movement and modularity make banqueting and offside service commitments easy to deal with peace of mind, safety and practicality with concrete advantages in terms of streamlining processes, saving energy, integrity and meal appeal.

About Moduline SRL

Italian technology for kitchens and catering

Since 1989 Moduline has been a highly successful player on the Italian, European, and world market for professional kitchen and catering equipment.

Passionate research on materials and solutions, together with advanced technology and cutting-edge design, rapidly made Moduline an international, a valid and reliable partner for a demanding and progressive clientele, a precise point of reference for medium and large-scale catering.

In addition to producing kitchen equipment, Moduline also designs and produces modular systems for self-service outlets and institutional catering. In this sector, too, we have been gratified by the success of large-scale projects carried out and by the confidence that partners of global stature have placed in our company.

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